The Chiefs

Open Trainings

During the season we welcome you to join us to watch our training sessions.

Please note that due to our travel, game and ever changing training schedule we cannot publish the dates until a few days prior, so check back here for dates and time.
(If traveling from a far we suggest ringing the office to confirm training plan/time ph: 07 853 0231)

Open Training Date: This FRIDAY 23rd at 1.15pm - 2.30pm approx (note change of time)

Location: Chiefs training field. Bisley Road, Ruakura Research Centre Hamilton East.
(If traveling from a far we suggest ringing the office to confirm training plan/time ph: 07 853 0231

Facilities: The training field has some shade but unfortunately no toilet facilities.
Please factor this in especially bringing young future Chief players to watch. 

Autographs and photos:  You are welcome to take photos of the training session.
At the conclusion of training most players and coaches will also be available  to sign any items that you bring or take a selfie.
If you are bringing younger fans perhaps look to turn up towards the end fo the session if you are concerned about attention spans.
(note: All Blacks are on holiday unitl the end of January)

Little fans: Children attending are welcome to bring their own ball to kick around, any items to get signed (1 per person) and remember to be sunsmart, bring a drink bottle and visit the bathroom before leaving.

Merchandise and Office: Should you want to visit the merchandise store or office for tickets feel free to pop into the office following the Chiefs signs.

Health and Safety: Please use common sence as the  Chiefs take no responsosiblity for any injury. We also ask that no children play or use the training equipment.