The Chiefs

GameDay Tips

We look forward to hosting you!

Here's a few tips to help make your Chiefs game experience great:

  • Allow plenty of time to find a carpark and get through the gates.
  • Take CASH to the stadium to save time when you're purchasing food and beverages. 
  • We do have cash out options but there is a small processing fee.
  • All merchandise outlets take cash, eftpos or credit cards, however they don't give cash out.  
  • Note: some games depending on stock, merchandise stands may not be open.
  • You can take a sealed water bottle under 1 litre to the game. No alcohol is to be taken into the stadium at all.
  • The stadium allows non-commercial food items to be taken in, however it needs to be wrapped from home (for example, Gladwrap), and only a small amount for yourself.  
  • To view all stadium rules click here.
  • On arrival, for the safety of all concerned, your bag(s) of all sizes will be checked by our friendly security staff. 
  • When planning your trip to the stadium, please have a look on your ticket as to which gate number to enter, and which street provides the best access. 
  • If you are collecting tickets, head to Gate One which is open from 8am-6pm from the Monday prior to Gameday.
  • If you are with a group, please give each guest their own ticket prior to entering the gates. This allows a speedy entry into the stadium, as the ticketing staff need to scan each ticket.
  • There is a free bus from Hamilton CBD, please click here for more information.
  • There are plenty of parking options around the stadium. We suggest taking cash if you're willing to pay for parking. For all parking options click here.
  • Remember to pack for all weather options as we all know what New Zealand's weather can be like!
  • Please leave all loud hailers, pointy signs, whistles, and/or dangerous looking items at home, as security will not allow them in. 
  • We love to see your banners and signs, however we do ask that you please respect the sponsored signage around the field by not hanging flags or signs where they will block our valued sponsors messages.
  • •If you are bringing a camera, please leave the extension lens at home. 
  • •At home games Chiefs Fans who follow us on Twitter (@ChiefsRugbycan look at our live Twitter updates to see what the referee has ruled, or is looking for during TMO time! 
  • Finally, wear your Chiefs colours loud and proud!



To find the best maps and directions to get to Waikato Stadium click here 

Entry Conditions to Waikato Stadium.

To view what you can or cannot take into the stadium, feel free to view the Entry Conditions:

You  might be pleasantly surprised as to what you can take in!

Know when to ‘pass’ to stay in the game!

Under changes to the Sale of Liquor Act introduced in December 2013, if you are intoxicated Waikato Stadium is required to refuse you entry and/or ask you to leave our premises. Failure to do so is an offence under the Sale of Liquor Act and risks a $10,000 fine. 

It is also an offence for anyone else to allow alcohol to be served to an intoxicated person on licensed premises.

The new Act clearly defines “intoxicated”. This means you may be refused service, asked to leave or be removed if you are affected by alcohol or others drugs or substances, and you are displaying two or more of the following conditions:

•Affected appearance

•Impaired behaviour

•Impaired coordination

•Impaired speech