Uncover the stories behind the four 2021 Gallagher Chiefs Jerseys below. Each jersey has a detailed story behind the design, making them all unique artefacts to the Gallagher Chiefs and our supporters who wear them.

Gallagher Chiefs Women In Rugby Jersey

The Gallagher Chiefs “Women in Rugby” Jersey was designed to acknowledge the thousands of females from Chiefs Country, young and old, who play and support the game we love. The pink and purple tinge is to commemorate wahine of all levels who play and support rugby while also acknowledging our training jersey colours and the importance of preparation. The black in the jersey is to acknowledge the female rugby players from Chiefs country who have represented New Zealand at an international level. The arrow patterns on the jersey speak to the significance of always moving forward, both on the rugby field and in the promotion of females both playing and supporting rugby.

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The Gallagher Chiefs donned the Women In Rugby Jerseys when the faced the Highlanders in Dunedin for the very first match of Investec Super Rugby Aotearoa in 2020. The playing jerseys were signed & donated to 23 schools within the Chiefs Region to help raise funds for sports equipment, travel or apparel for their female rugby teams.

The Waitomo Chiefs Women then donned the jersey for the very first female New Zealand Super Rugby match against the Blues Women on May 1 at Eden Park. Our wahine defeated the Blues Women 39 - 12 to etch their names in history!

2021 Gallagher Chiefs Home and Training Jerseys

Our Gallagher Chiefs Home & Training Jerseys have intricate stories behind the design, connecting us to the land we represent, our Maori heritage and our club values. Chiefs Centurion Tanerau Latimer & NZR Cultural Advisor Luke Crawford unveil the stories behind these treasured jerseys in the video below.

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2021 Gallagher Chiefs Away Jersey

Continuing the collection, is the Gallagher Chiefs 2021 Super Rugby PRIMEBLUE alternate/away jersey. The design team – including members of the Maori community who co-created the shirt with adidas designers - took their colour inspiration from Kōhatu (stone) connecting it with the flowing pattern of Wairerenga (running waters) washing and rippling over the top. He Kiri Kōhatu (A skin of stone) are words from an ancient incantation calling for protection for those going into battle. The powerful force of flowing water is depicted in the Kowhaiwhai patterns to the side and over time etches out from the Kōhatu the figure of Akerautangi at the centre. Akerautangi is the deity who assisted Tūmatauenga in his battle with his brother Rongo.

United for one cause, the jersey has been designed with an eye on adidas’ ambition to end plastic waste. All of the team will wear kit created with adidas PRIMEBLUE – a high-performance recycled material made in part with Parley Ocean Plastic; upcycled plastic waste intercepted on shorelines and coastal communities around the world to prevent it from polluting the oceans. This is part of adidas’ commitment to continue to innovate in the area of sustainability, and the journey to reaching more than 50% total volume of recycled polyester at the end of 2020 and to use only recycled polyester in all products across the business by 2024.

The jerseys are available from adidas.co.nz, via the adidas app or from local sporting retailers.