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Each jersey's design has an intricate and deep meaning behind it, check them out below.

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2022/23 Gallagher Chiefs Home Jersey

Ngā hihi o te rā - The Rays of the Sun.

The 2022 Gallagher Chiefs Home Jersey design takes its inspiration from Tamanuiterā (The Sun). In particular it uses ngā hihi o te rā (Sunrays) to accentuate the Gallagher Chiefs home colours.  

The rays of Tamanuiterā touch all parts of the Chiefs contributing regions radiating energy and power, depicted in the top half of the design.

The lower kōwhaiwhai (ornate swirls) depict the flow of waterways throughout the region connecting chiefs, sponsors, members, players, clubs and supporters.

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2022/23 Gallagher Chiefs Away Jersey

He Piringa Pāua - Loyalty and Allegiance

The 2022 Gallagher Chiefs Away Jersey design utilizes the vibrant colouring of the pāua shell and is inspired by the Māori axiom:
‘Ka haere te pāua ki te toka, he piringa pāua - The pāua will go to the rock and cling to it fiercely.’

Denoting that even when the team plays away from home, it will always return just as the pāua returns to the rock if dislodged.

Like the Home Jersey the flowing kōwhaiwhai (ornate swirls) represent connecting waterways which will always carry the team back home.

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2022 Waitomo Chiefs Manawa Jersey

Te Raranga Harakeke - The Flax Weave

Our 2022 Waitomo Chiefs Manawa Jersey focuses on preparation.

The proverbial saying ‘Tūngia te ururoa, kia tupu whakaritorito te tupu o te harakeke’ - Burn off the overgrowth so that the flax shoots may sprout’ is represented in the contemporary flax weave design sitting behind the kōwhaiwhai swirls.

The kōwhaiwhai swirls represent the connecting waterways flowing from our contributing regions in Chiefs Country.

“Clear away all impediments – ururoa”
“To ensure the success - kia tupu”

Our Chiefs environment is where players are able to correct mistakes so they are well prepared.

View this special jersey’s video below.

New jersey to go alongside our new identity! Get more insight into our new team name - Waitomo Chiefs Manawa below.

Waitomo Chiefs Manawa naming process

2022/23 Gallagher Chiefs Training Jersey

Te Raranga Harakeke - The Flax Weave

The Gallagher Chiefs will don the same design as the Waitomo Chiefs Manawa (Te Raranga Harakeke - The Flax Weave) in training to pass the mana of the jersey onto the Waitomo Chiefs Manawa.

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