• In these Terms, references to we, us and/or our are references to the Chiefs. Chiefs has the same meaning as Chiefs Rugby Club Limited Partnership, abbreviated to Chiefs.
  • The word you refers to you individually.
  • The completed Membership Form and these Terms together form a legally binding contract (Agreement) between the person named on the Membership Form (Member) and the Chiefs.
  • The Member acknowledges and agrees that their Membership with the Chiefs is subject to these terms. If a Member does not agree to the terms of the Agreement, they must not submit a completed Membership Form to the Chiefs. In addition to the terms of the Agreement, each Member must comply with any rules and regulations imposed by each Venue where a Match is held.

General Conditions

  • Payment of Membership must be made on or before the date for payment as specified by the Chiefs in the notice to Members served in accordance with clause 7.3(b) of these Terms, unless payment is by direct debit in accordance with the Direct Debit Form.
  • It is a condition of sale of a Membership that the Membership (or associated tickets to Chiefs fixtures) may not, without the prior written consent of Chiefs, be resold at a premium nor used for advertising, promotion or other commercial purposes (including competitions or trade promotions) or to enhance the demand for other goods or services. If a ticket is sold or used in breach of this condition, the bearer of the ticket will be denied admission.
  • It is the Member’s sole responsibility to notify Chiefs of any change in Member contact details at the soonest possible opportunity, including changes of address or contact details or any relevant information that could affect your Membership.
  • The Chiefs membership team can be contacted via phone on 0800 424 4337, via email at, via our website or by writing to PO Box 4292, Hamilton East 3247.
  • Once you submit your Membership Form and your Membership Fee is paid or you submit the Direct Debit Form (if paying by instalments), Chiefs shall consider your Membership Form. If your Membership Form is accepted, Chiefs will send written confirmation of your Membership, or provide such confirmation verbally. Members are required to provide a valid email address in their Membership Form in order to receive an email confirmation of the acceptance of their Membership Form and any other communications.

Instalment Payments

  • Members may choose to pay for their Memberships by instalments. Chiefs may engage a third party service provider to collect all payment instalments.
  • By agreeing to pay your Membership via instalments, you authorise Chiefs or any associated third party service provider, to debit from your nominated bank account as set out on the Direct Debit Form.
  • By opting to pay in instalments, the Member accepts the automatic roll-over of their Membership in subsequent seasons. Chiefs will contact you prior to processing any renewal. You will have 30 days from the date of notice to advise Chiefs of any changes or upgrades you wish to make to your Membership, or to notify Chiefs in writing if you do not wish to roll over your Membership into the next season. If you do not notify Chiefs that you do not wish to roll over your Membership during this period, you will be deemed to have agreed to your Membership being rolled over. Please refer to ‘Rolling Renewals’ for full conditions around this.
  • Payments will be directly debited from the nominated bank account.
  • Instalments will be charged over the period commencing on 1 November to 31 August (or such other dates as advised in writing by Chiefs to the Member in the notice served under clause 7.3(b)) in monthly or fortnightly instalments each year. Where the instalment date falls on a weekend or public holiday the payment will be charged on the next business day.
  • For Members who wish to pay by instalments, the first instalment, inclusive of processing fees and surcharges will be withdrawn from their nominated bank account on 1 November.
  • Any Member who renews or purchases a Membership after 1 November will still have their first instalment charged at time of renewal or purchase of their Membership. Any such Member shall then be required to pay the outstanding value of their Membership split evenly over the number of the remaining instalments.
  • In the event on an unsuccessful payment attempt, a $10 fee (Reversal Fee) will be charged by the Chiefs to the Member without prior notice and will be added to the next instalment. Chiefs is not responsible for any over-limit or other fees/charges imposed by your bank.
  • It is the Member’s responsibility to inform Chiefs of any updates or changes to the nominated bank account or financial institution prior to the next nominated instalment date.
  • Chiefs reserves the right to suspend a Member’s Membership should they have outstanding debts, missed instalments or dishonour fees. The Membership shall remain suspended until all outstanding monies have been paid.
  • Chiefs reserves the right to cancel a Member’s Membership where there are ongoing payment issues, at any time without prior notice.
  • Members will be unable to renew their Membership for the following season if there is any outstanding debt from the previous season. Members may only renew their Membership once any balance owing is paid in full. In addition, Members who have had their Membership suspended at any point, may be denied the option to pay in instalments for following seasons and be required to pay their Membership fees up front.
  • Members are unable to opt out the option to pay in instalments once this has been selected. Opt outs of the instalment payments will only be approved in exceptional circumstances agreed upon by Chiefs and any third party service provider.
  • The decision to pay the Membership Fee in instalments does not affect the order in which seats are allocated to members.

Payment and Fees

  • Chiefs will set Membership and ticket prices in advance of each season which will be notified to Members in writing and available on the Chiefs website.
  • All prices quoted for Chiefs memberships are in $NZD and are inclusive of GST.
  • When Members renew their Membership before a specified date they will be entitled to renew their same seat and/or opt to changes seats (subject to alternative seats being available).
  • Chiefs may suspend a Member’s rights while his or her Membership Fee (in whole or in part) remains unpaid beyond the relevant due date. If the annual Membership Fee is not fully paid within six months of the due date, Chiefs may cancel the Membership.
  • If a credit card payment is declined by your bank, you will be contacted regarding an alternate form of payment. If you become aware of a failed payment before being contacted by Chiefs you must contact us as soon as practical.

Refunds, Terminations, Transfers and Renewals

  • Chiefs does not take responsibility for the selection of membership packages or tickets purchased by individuals. If an error is made by the purchaser when purchasing tickets or membership packages Chiefs is not held responsible.
  • Members may request to terminate their Membership with a request of refund by the Chiefs at any time prior to the beginning of a season.
  • Any request of termination with refund must be put in writing by form of a letter or email by the Member to the Chiefs Membership Manager with the reasons for termination and request for refund.
  • Chiefs will consider each request on a case by case basis, however full refunds will not be provided if a Member has received or used any of the benefits provided as part of their Membership.
  • Members will be notified of any decisions relating to Membership refunds or termination in writing by Chiefs. The decision of Chiefs is final.
  • A Membership may be terminated for failure to pay annual Membership Fee payments and/or instalment payments, or for failure to comply with the conditions set by Chiefs contained in these Terms.
  • A Membership may also be cancelled due to the misconduct of a Member or their guest, including but not limited to, verbal or physical abuse or intimidation of any representative of Chiefs.
  • Memberships and seating allocations are transferable to an age and seating category of equal or lesser value. Should the receiving Member value be less than the original purchase, Chiefs shall not be entitled to refund any price difference. Should a Member wish to transfer a Membership to a higher value, they shall be entitled to pay any price difference.
  • Members must complete their renewal within the timeframe specified. If renewal requests are received after this date, privileges and/or benefits cannot be guaranteed.

Rolling Renewals

  • Memberships are automatically renewed for the same Membership and seat allocation, at the relevant price for the forthcoming season on 1 November.
  • Payments:
  • Any Members paying their Membership Fee in full via credit card and who do not ‘opt-out’ will have full payment charged to the same credit card as the previous season on 1 November.
  • Members are responsible for updating these details should the card change, or to provide the new expiry date if the card expires.
  • If a Member’s credit card details have changed and the Member has not updated their credit card details with the Chiefs, a non-refundable administration fee for returned, failed or missed payments may apply. It is the members sole responsibility to advise the Chiefs by phone or email of any changes to their credit card details.
  • Opt Out:
  • Members will have their Membership automatically renewed until such time that they ‘opt out’ for future Membership renewals.
  • Chiefs will advise each Member in writing of the cost of their Membership for the upcoming season and outline a specific timeframe in which they will have the option to ‘opt-out’ of their Membership, or change or upgrade their automatically renewed Membership. The change period will be at least 30 days in length with any requests outside this period not guaranteed, and subject to cancellation fees and charges.

Notice in writing will be provided to the contact detail provided by the Member at the time of original Membership purchase. It is the responsibility of each Member to ensure that contact details are kept up to date.