July 31, 2019

Chiefs Rugby Club thanks Generation Homes for their support

Award-winning national top 10 building company Generation Homes will not be renewing its sponsorship of the Gallagher Chiefs Rugby team.

Generation Homes chief executive, Kevin Atkinson says after six years of sponsoring the Gallagher Chiefs, the company has decided that it will look to widen its existing national and local sponsorship opportunities in the areas it operates, as well as look for new partnerships.

“The Chiefs Rugby Club sponsorship provided a great platform for our brand to be seen by a wide variety of people. We also enjoyed getting to know some of the players and staff personally as they built their homes with us,” says Kevin Atkinson.

“We have been happy with the sponsorship arrangement and feel it has been mutually beneficial to both parties.”

Chiefs Rugby Club chief executive officer, Michael Collins says, “Over the period of our partnership we have built strong business relationships and friendships with many throughout the Generation Homes family.

“Our organisations have shared the same ambitious drive to be leaders in our respective industries which has made this such a formidable and successful relationship over the past six years. We wish the team at Generation Homes all the best for the future.”

Mr Atkinson says that Generation Homes has been proud to work alongside the Chiefs Rugby Club, and of course, will remain staunch supporters of the Gallagher Chiefs.

“Whether we are supporting sports teams to achieve their goals, young people to take part in the local Taupo spelling bee or braving the cold for a mid-winter swim, and supporting the Graeme Dingle Foundation’s various community initiatives, our sponsorship's are our way of supporting the hometown heroes in the areas we are building communities,” says Kevin Atkinson.

Chiefs Rugby Club thanks Generation Homes for their support