December 05, 2021

2022/23 Gallagher Chiefs Jerseys Launched

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The new 2022/23 Gallagher Chiefs Home and Away Jerseys have been launched. The adidas Gallagher Chiefs jersey designs are linked to the Chiefs region, whānau and Māori heritage.

The 2022/23 Gallagher Chiefs Home Jersey – ‘Ngā hihi o te rā - The Rays of the Sun’, draws on inspiration from Tamanuiterā (The Sun). It uses ngā hihi o te rā (Sunrays) to accentuate the Gallagher Chiefs home colours.

The rays of Tamanuiterā touch all parts of the Chiefs contributing unions radiating energy and power, depicted in the top half of the design.

The lower kōwhaiwhai (ornate swirls) depict the flow of waterways throughout the region connecting the Chiefs whānau, sponsors, members, players, clubs and supporters.

The 2022/23 Gallagher Chiefs Away Jersey – ‘He Piringa Pāua’ represents loyalty and allegiance. The jersey design utilises the vibrant colouring of the pāua shell and is inspired by the Māori axiom, ‘Ka haere te pāua ki te toka, he piringa pāua - The pāua will go to the rock and cling to it fiercely.’ Denoting that even when the team plays away from home, they will always return just as the pāua returns to the rock if dislodged.

Like the Gallagher Chiefs Home Jersey, the flowing kōwhaiwhai (ornate swirls) represent connecting waterways which will always carry the team back home.

Chiefs Rugby Club Chief Executive Officer Michael Collins said: “We are very excited to launch our new Gallagher Chiefs Home and Away Jerseys.

“A great deal of hard work goes into the design and production of these jerseys in collaboration with adidas, NZR Māori Cultural Advisor Luke Crawford and Designer Dave Burke. The connection to our Chiefs region, whānau and Māori heritage are important aspects of our jersey design and we are proud to share these with all those who support us.”

“We took into account what our fans had been receptive to in the past when designing these jerseys. We are pleased to now be able to share the final products with our members, sponsors, fans and players and hope they will wear them with pride.”

Both Gallagher Chiefs replica jerseys will be available for fans to purchase via an early pre-sale from today, December 6 for $149.99 (adult) or $109.99 (youth – Home Jersey available only). The jerseys will be available to be purchased online at and be shipped later in December.

2022/23 Gallagher Chiefs members receive a 20% discount on all merchandise and apparel, including the new Gallagher Chiefs jerseys. Memberships are available to purchase from:

Alternatively, the jerseys are available from all adidas stores, all major sporting goods retailers throughout New Zealand.

The 2022 Gallagher Chiefs squad will commence their pre-season training in January ahead of the Super Rugby Pacific competition.

2022/23 Gallagher Chiefs Jerseys Launched