Everything you need to know about attending a home match at FMG Stadium Waikato. Hamilton's premier stadium is purpose-built for rugby so you'll be closer to the action in an epic live rugby experience!

IMPORTANT: FMG Stadium Waikato is a contactless payment venue so the primary method of payment is eftpos/credit cards through Paywave. Please refrain from bringing cash as it will not be accepted at all food/drink vendors.

Ticket and Seating Info

  • Is there any company or site I shouldn't purchase tickets from?

    Never purchase your tickets from third party sellers Viagogo. The safest way to purchase is through Flicket or The Chiefs Rugby Club.

  • Can I add tickets or change tickets I have already purchased?

    If you would like to add tickets you can purchase these through the Flicket website or by giving us a call on 0800 4 CHIEFS.
    Please be aware that all tickets processed are final and there are no transfers, exchanges or refunds on ticket prices, booking fees or courier fees as processed except when required by law.

  • Can I choose what zone and what seats I can have?

    Yes you can select your own seats on the Flicket website.

  • I have a question about my ticket purchase.

    If you have purchased your ticket through Flicket you can print your Print-at-Home tickets. If you bought tickets online, you already have an account – just sign in. Or if you wish to talk to someone about your tickets please call the Chiefs Rugby Club on 0800 424 4337.

  • What time will ticket services open on game day?

    Ticket services will be open at 9.00am on game day. It is highly recommended that individuals purchase tickets prior to the match as the area you wish to sit in may not be available on game day.

  • Are there discounts for groups?

    Yes there sure is. Groups must purchase through the Chiefs Rugby Club between 8.30am-5pm Mon-Fri. Phone: 0800 424 4337 or email [email protected].

  • What does 'GA' mean?

    General Admission (GA), entitles you to access specific areas of the venue where seating is provided but not assigned (seating is on the grass embankment in the Green zone). Spectators with GA tickets will be allowed to sit wherever there is an open spot within the designated GA sections.

  • What are the different ticket types?

    0 - 4yrs: free on the knee (If they require a seat, this will be at Child price)
    Children: 5 - 14yrs
    Student :15yrs+- with Student ID
    Adult: 15yrs+

  • How can I book wheelchair seating?

    Wheelchair & Caregiver seating is available in the Black Zone, Aisles 2 - 3, 4 - 5, 7 - 8 and 9 - 10. Note: All wheelchair/caregiver seating CAN NOT be purchased online and must be purchased via Gate 1 FMG Stadium Waikato or the Chiefs office.


Transport & Stadium Info

  • Where can we park?

    Whitiora School, 38 Willoughby Street, Hamilton (First in first served basis)
    Plunket, 21 Richmond Street, Hamilton
    OR there is a FREE bus service. Check BusIt for more details.

  • Disability Carparking

    On event days mobility parking is available on Willoughby Street adjacent to the stadium refer to FMG Stadium Waikato Access Map here.
    Please remember to display your mobility card on the dashboard of your vehicle. There are additional mobility car parks available on Willoughby Street between gates 3 and 5. For safety reasons, vehicle access to and from the accessible parking in Gate 5 and on Seddon Road may be restricted for up to 30 minutes both before and after each event.

    Special areas have been set aside in the stadium for wheelchairs and caregivers. Request details when booking your ticket.

  • Member's Disability Carparking - Gate 5

    We are advising our members who may use the Disability Carpark spaces in Gate 5 (on a first in first serve basis) at FMG Stadium Waikato, that there are new security measures in place:

    - Seddon Road will be closed at 6pm, so all vehicles that want to enter Gate 5 must approach via Rimu Street to Seddon Road.

    - Vehicles must have a valid disability carpark sticker - this will be checked at the Goldsmith/Seddon Road check point. From here you will be advised whether there is a disability carpark available in Gate 5.

    - Vehicles that enter Gate 5 will be subject to a vehicle search and your vehicle registration and name will be taken at the gate and all occupants must have a valid ticket/membership card prior to entering Gate 5.

    - Any bags that are taken into the foyer area may also be subject to a search.

  • Where is FMG Stadium located?

    FMG Stadium Waikato is located between Seddon Road and Tristram St Hamilton. Click here for a location map.

  • Is there a free bus to the stadium?

    FREE buses leave from Hood Street (outside the Knox Street carpark) at least 15mins from an hour before the game. Buses depart approximately every 15 minutes and travel via Victoria, Ulster and Abbotsford streets. Passengers will be picked up for any official stop along the way. Buses will depart after the final whistle and travel back to Hood Street. For more info, route map & timetable visit here.

  • Can I ride my bike to the stadium

    Cycling to the venue is encouraged. Bike racks are available at the rear of the Brian Perry Stand and access on event days is available with a valid event ticket. Bring your own lock.

  • What can't I bring into the stadium?

    Please refer to the FMG Stadium Waikato conditions of entry for venue entry regulations here.

    All bags are subject to search before entry to the stadium.

    Please leave the following restricted items behind as you may be required to surrender them to enter. We are unable to provide storage and surrendered items may not be returned. You can’t bring:
    • Alcohol
    • Commercially produced food and drinks
    • Glass containers, cans or thermos flasks
    • Sound devices that are considered by venue management to be a nuisance, including air horns, drums and whistles
    • Flag poles over 1.2m length
    • Bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, skates or scooters
    • Illegal substances or items
    • Signage, products, clothing or equipment considered by venue management to be offensive
    • Unauthorised promotional material including signage, products and clothing
    • Laser lights or pointers
    • Gang patches/colours
    • Weapons of any kind or items that may be used as a weapon
    • Items that may be thrown, e.g. bolts, marbles
    • Professional camera, video or audio recording equipment
    • Furniture, including but not limited to seats, sofas, sun umbrellas
    • Pets
    • Items that may be used for defacing or damaging property, e.g. markers
    • Items that could cause harm or public nuisance as determined by venue management
    • For safety reasons, pushchairs and strollers are not permitted in the stadium

    You're welcome to bring the below to a match provided that their presence or use doesn’t interfere with the event or disturb other visitors’ enjoyment. You can bring:

    • Personal effects such as a coat, small bag or small umbrella, as long as they can be easily stored under your seat or carried by you when not in use
    • A mobile phone, personal camera or electronic device
    • A disability assist dog
    • An empty drinking container no larger than 1 litre which can be filled at one of the venue's water taps
    • Home-made food such as sandwiches, fruit, biscuits or cake that is not in commercial packaging

  • Can I use my camera/video camera in the stadium?

    Personal photography is permitted, provided the images are for personal use only. Photographic support tools that may interfere with others’ enjoyment (selfie sticks, tripods, professional lenses larger than 200 mm, etc) are not permitted.

  • Can I smoke or vape in the stadium?

    In accordance with the Smokefree Environments Act 2003, smoking and vaping is not permitted anywhere inside the complex.

  • Can I bring my own food and beverages in?

    Yes you can bring a small amount of home-made food for personal consumption.
    • An empty drinking container no larger than 1 litre which can be filled at one of the venue's water taps.
    • Home-made food for personal consumption, such as sandwiches, fruit, biscuits or cake that is not in commercial packaging. Bottled water can also be purchased in the venue.

  • How do I purchase food at the stadium?

    You will need to bring EFTPOS or CREDIT CARDS to pay for food and beverages. No cash will be accepted to pay for food or beverages as FMG Stadium Waikato only accept CONTACTLESS PAYMENTS Bars and vendors will only accept payment made with cards.

  • Can I purchase merchandise at the game?

    Yes you can purchase merchandise on game day. Merchandise stands are located near Gate One or on the concourse in the Brian Perry Stand.

  • How can I purchase merchandise?

    You can purchase merchandise using EFTPOS or CASH on game day. Alternatively you can purchase merchandise online here.

Chiefs Fans at FMG Stadium Waikato