October 14, 2021

Chiefs launch partnership with productivity and wellbeing programme TeamHealthChk™

Today, the Chiefs Rugby Club announced the launch of an exciting partnership with Softwire Ltd. Softwire's TeamHealthChk™ Active Engagement Programme is now a key component in the club's new high-performance framework dedicated to increasing the performance, productivity and wellbeing across the whole organisation.

The TeamHealthChk™ programme has enabled the Chiefs Rugby Club to quickly and easily identify and qualify opportunities to improve the performance and wellbeing of staff. It has allowed the club to mobilise their resources to implement cost-effective, team-led actions. The programme has brought significant new learnings and insights from the corporate world, seamlessly integrating and supporting the Chiefs Rugby Club high-performance sports environment.

Chiefs Rugby Club CEO Michael Collins confirmed that TeamHealthChk™ is integral to the club's performance both on and off the field.

"The wellbeing of our players and staff is the most important factor in our success, both on and off the field. While the Chiefs Rugby Club first got involved with TeamHealthChk™ as a wellness tool for staff, it’s created greater staff engagement and driven performance across the whole organisation.

“Sometimes you receive feedback that you don't want to hear, but you do have to face. TeamHealthChk™ has enabled us to identify opportunities to improve our communication, with the solutions coming from the team rather than a traditional top-down approach. Effective messaging and streamlined communication channels are pivotal to our club’s success, and this is just one of many ways TeamHealthChk™ has already improved our performance.”

Julian Phillips, the Managing Director of TeamHealthChk™, has an extensive background in corporate environments across 25 years, with 13 years as Chief Information Officer for principal sponsor Gallagher. Phillips said he is excited to move forward with the official partnership.

"Staff wellbeing and performance growth are essential for success in both sports teams and corporate organisations; however, the strengths and weaknesses of their methods and skills can vary considerably. Corporate and sporting organisations can learn a lot from each other, providing they are willing to be open to new ways of thinking and working which TeamHealthChk™ effectively supports.

Chiefs Rugby Club General Manager Performance Wayne Maher said the partnership is a game changer for the club’s high performance programme.

“It is so easy in the High Performance sport landscape to focus attention purely on performance tangibles that are easily measured and quantified. It is also easy to forget that we’re in the business of people where team culture and our daily performance environment are critical enablers of people doing the right things, for the right reasons, the right way, for the right impact.

“THC is already a game changer for our programme where we can now not only continue with our performance tangibles, we can measure what has traditionally been a tricky space to assess – our culture and environment, and we’re only just scratching the surface!”

About TeamHealthChk™:
The TeamHealthChk™ programme operates in numerous high-profile organisations such as the Waikato District Health Board, Gallagher Group Ltd, DEC International and the Chiefs Rugby Club, with increased interest from overseas companies who can utilise its multi-lingual capability. The TeamHealthChk™ methodology provides a simple, intuitive, user-driven platform for quickly identifying the motivations within a team and ideas to improve the wellbeing and performance of employees and the organisation. Insights raised can be easily qualified to guide what areas for improvement teams should invest precious resources. The methodology focuses strongly on staff participation to help improve their organisation, accountability of staff members leading teams and the philosophy of continuous improvement.

If you would like to know more about the TeamHealthChk™ programme, contact Kate Rawnsley at [email protected]

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Chiefs launch partnership with productivity and wellbeing programme TeamHealthChk™