March 26, 2019

Chiefs Rugby Club CEO will skydive for Drop for Youth campaign

Chiefs Rugby Club CEO Michael Collins has pledged himself as one of many ‘droppers’ who will skydive from 13,000ft as a part of a Drop for Youth campaign.

Drop for Youth is a part of a wider awareness campaign to raise money for the Graeme Dingle Foundation. In return for the money raised, Collins will experience a tandem skydive with Go Skydive New Zealand.

Each dollar raised for Collins will be spent on the Graeme Dingle Foundation’s school-based programmes, working alongside young people in local communities. Programmes are sequenced to create a positive vehicle for change for young people aged 5 to 18 years old. They will help young Kiwis become more confident and resilient, find purpose and direction to achieve success.

Chiefs Rugby Club CEO Michael Collins said it did take some convincing but in the end the reward for the charity won him over.

“Jumping out of a plane wasn’t high on the bucket list for me, so it did take a little bit of convincing from the Gallagher Chiefs team. However when you are doing it for a great cause such as the Drop for Youth campaign it doesn’t take much to twist my arm to get on board.”

“In order for me to Drop for Youth we need to raise near $1,000. I have no doubt our community and stakeholders will get behind this great cause and have the pleasure of seeing me drop out of a plane,” said Collins.

The community and stakeholders are asked to pledge their support for Collins via a Give a Little page setup by the Gallagher Chiefs team:
All proceeds raised will go towards the Drop for Youth campaign.

Chiefs Rugby Club CEO will skydive for Drop for Youth campaign