July 04, 2018

Chiefs U18 Development Camp Announced

A massive congratulations to all the high school players who have made the Chiefs U18 Development camp starting this Sunday and running until Friday 13 July at St Pauls College in Hamilton.

This is a fantastic opportunity to introduce these young players into the Chiefs environment and the camp will cover the six pillars of rugby development. This camp forms part of the selection process for the NZ Secondary Schools teams selected later in the year.

The Chiefs U18 Development Camp players are:

Corrigan Miller (New Plymouth BHS, Taranaki)
Leuatea Alo Tema (Rotorua BHS, Bay Of Plenty)
Zac Ririnui (Rotorua BHS, Bay Of Plenty)
Vincent Green (Hamilton BHS, Waikato)
Connor Brunton (Hamilton BHS, Waikato)
Pou Sorenson (Rotorua BHS, Bay Of Plenty)
Nirai Ririnui (Rotorua BHS, Bay Of Plenty)
Tutarangi Anderson (New Plymouth BHS, Taranaki)
Irirangi Taniere (Wesley College, Counties)

Bernie Hati (Rotorua BHS, Bay Of Plenty)
Keelan Holten McMullen (Hamilton BHS, Waikato)
Taane Beech (Wesley College, Counties)
Mairenga Laapo (Francis Douglas Memorial College, Taranaki)

Josh Lord (Hamilton BHS, Waikato)
Tom Martin (Hamilton BHS, Waikato)
Alex McRobbie (Counties)
Daniel Johnson (St Paul’s Collegiate, Waikato)
AJ Lagalaga Slade (Manurewa HS, Counties)
Hemopo Cunningham (Rotorua BHS, Bay Of Plenty)

Loose Forward
Simon Parker (St Peter’s School, Waikato)
Te Aparua Tata (Te Wharekura o Mauao, Bay Of Plenty)
Jake Russ (Hamilton BHS, Waikato)
Gabrielle Wilson (Pukekohe HS, Counties)
Taituha Woller (Te Wharekura o Mauao, Bay Of Plenty)
Thor Manase (Wesley College, Counties)
Tuki Simpkins (Rotorua BHS, Bay Of Plenty)
Simione Ofa (Wesley College, Counties)
Shie Jie Yong (Tauranga BC, Bay Of Plenty)
Te Rama Reuben (Rotorua BHS, Bay Of Plenty)
Andrew Viane (St Peter’s School, Waikato)

Cortez Lee Ratima (Hamilton BHS, Waikato)
Manu Paea (Rotorua BHS, Bay Of Plenty)
Kristian Standen (New Plymouth BHS, Taranaki)
Tepaea Cook Savage (St Paul’s Collegiate, Waikato)

First Five
Rivez Reihana (Waikato)
Larenz Tupaea (Wesley College, Counties)

Jacob Kneepkins (Francis Douglas Memorial College, Taranaki)
Daniel Rona (New Plymouth BHS, Taranaki)
Jon Taumateine (Wesley College, Counties)
Cassius Misa (Rotorua BHS, Bay Of Plenty)
William Guthrie (New Plymouth BHS, Taranaki)
Lucas Hall (Taranaki)
Paula Mahe (St Peter’s School, Waikato)
Gideon Wrampling (St Paul’s Collegiate, Waikato)

Manu Akauola (Rotorua BHS, Bay Of Plenty)
Valynce Te Whare Crosby (St Paul’s Collegiate, Waikato)
Nicholas Nasila (Wesley College, Counties)
Kahi Borrell (Te Wharekura o Mauao, Bay Of Plenty)

Selestino Ravutaumada (Rotorua BHS, Bay Of Plenty)
Liam Wilson (Hamilton BHS, Waikato)
Tama Te Aute (Rotorua BHS, Bay Of Plenty)
Jermahl Hapi (New Plymouth BHS, Taranaki)
Blair Murray (New Plymouth BHS, Taranaki)

Standby Players
Tauhuroa Ngataki (Wesley College, Counties), Zion Lui (St Peter’s School, Waikato), Shannon Wiki (Tokoroa HS, Waikato), Reece Gray (New Plymouth BHS, Taranaki), Havila Molia (St Paul’s Collegiate, Waikato), Stuart Leech (Rotorua BHS, Bay Of Plenty), TeAhurei Eparara (Rotorua BHS, Bay Of Plenty), Lachie Deveraux (Tauranga BC, Bay Of Plenty), Vaiolini Ekuasi (St Peter’s School, Waikato), Liam Allen (St Paul’s Collegiate, Waikato), Malupo Ma’afu (Rotorua BHS, Bay Of Plenty), Thomas Murray Edwards (New Plymouth BHS, Taranaki), Brigham Moeakiola (St Paul’s Collegiate, Waikato), Cam Roigard (St Peter’s School, Waikato), Louis Grindrod (Tauranga BC, Bay Of Plenty), Bailey Gordon (Western Heights HS, Bay Of Plenty), Adam Smith (New Plymouth BHS, Taranaki), Josh Calvert (Hamilton BHS, Waikato), Teaabo Teaabo (Pukekohe HS, Counties), Lewini Mocevakaca (Hamilton BHS, Waikato), Mercedes Hodge (St Paul’s Collegiate, Waikato)

Unavailable due to Injury or other commitments
Taharoa Mita (Tauranga BC, Bay Of Plenty)