February 26, 2021

Sky Super Rugby Tipping

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Sky Super Rugby is just around the corner, for rugby enthusiasts and those who think they know the game better than most, Sky have just launched their Sky Super Rugby Tipping platform.

Sky Super Rugby Tipping platform is an online platform where the fan guesses the outcome of Sky Super Rugby matches each weekend.

The fan is provided with options to select from including, winning team, margin of win, total number tries from each team.

An added bonus for fans includes weekly spot prizes for getting their tips in, plus prizes for weekly best scores. A major and grand prize will be awarded for the competition leader at the end of Sky Super Rugby Aotearoa and Sky Super Rugby Trans-Tasman

It is free to participate and available to all people (Sky and non-Sky customers) and run’s right through Sky Super Rugby Aotearoa & Sky Super Rugby Trans-Tasman seasons.

To begin tipping head to Sky’s Tipping website: www.tipping.sky.co.nz

Sky Super Rugby Tipping