May 10, 2021

Statement | Chiefs Rugby Club CEO

Following the Sky Super Rugby Aotearoa final in Christchurch on Saturday, the Gallagher Chiefs held a private function on the second floor of the Novotel Hotel, where the team was based. The function was attended by coaches, players, board, staff and family members. The function was held without incident and was enjoyed by all the Chiefs whānau.

The Club received a formal complaint by a member of the public who was staying on the 12th floor of the hotel. No players or persons directly associated with the team were staying on the 12th floor.

Chiefs Rugby Club CEO Michael Collins said: “We have thoroughly worked through the guest’s complaint and, in particular, the descriptions of the people involved. While we will continue to investigate with our players and staff, we are confident that based on our inquiries to date none of our people were on the 12th floor or were involved in unruly behaviour that upset other hotel guests.

“We are extremely sympathetic to the guests on the 12th floor who had their sleep disturbed on Saturday night and Sunday morning. If the team were responsible, we would take immediate and swift action. At this point in time all the facts gathered suggest that we are not responsible,” finished Collins.

Statement | Chiefs Rugby Club CEO