March 20, 2024

Top Executive Joins The Chiefs Rugby Club: A New Digital Era Begins

Wexer CEO Paul Bowman has been appointed Director on the Chiefs Rugby Club board effective immediately. Paul’s diverse background in both sport, business and digital transformation will help support the Chiefs strategic media goals.  

Paul currently serves as CEO at Wexer, the world's leading digital content provider whose focus is to deliver diversity and depth of content to the end user. Paul will work closely with the Chiefs board to grow content, storytelling and develop the Chiefs global brand. He is also the Board Chair of Coach Welly, a company providing member experiences to improve customer loyalty for corporations and gyms.

Bill Osborne, Chiefs Rugby Club Chairman said: “Paul is an experienced leader with an international footprint. He has multiple successful start-ups and exits behind him, including the world's largest B2B digital wellness platform Wexer.  He has been pointed out as one of the top CEOs in the UK and NZ. 

“Paul has gone from building and leading organisations with more than 2,000 employees as the CEO, to focus on board work. He currently serves on the board of Coach T & Coach Welly. Of note is his familiarity with data analytics and digital media that underpins his entrepreneurial flair."

Bowman said: "I am thrilled to join the board at the Chiefs as they look to develop their media and digital strategy to help grow the game. My background and passion for rugby and content position me perfectly to support the team.

“Content is exploding and fans want more content, more often. Fans want to understand the story behind the brand and the Chiefs have a fantastic opportunity to bring their unique story to more people on a global scale.”

About Wexer:
Wexer is a leading provider of virtual fitness solutions, offering a versatile platform for delivering a wide range of fitness experiences to users worldwide. With an emphasis on accessibility and engagement, Wexer enables fitness providers to connect with their audiences in new and exciting ways.

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Top Executive Joins The Chiefs Rugby Club: A New Digital Era Begins