July 12, 2019

University of Waikato Chiefs Under 18 Development teams named

Team Messam and Team Clarke to play Crusaders and Blues Under 18 sides

Team Messam and Team Clarke have been selected from the University of Waikato Chiefs
Under 18 Development squad to match up against the Crusaders and Blues Under 18 sides this Saturday, 13 July.

Team Messam will make the trip south to Blenheim to take on the Crusaders Under 18’s at Lansdowne Park. While Team Clarke will host the Blues Under 18’s at St Paul’s Collegiate. Both games will kick off at 12.30pm.

Chiefs Rugby Club talent development manager Kent Currie said the players have continued to develop across the week and are excited for the opportunity to represent the Chiefs Rugby Club this Saturday.

“The squad have had an excellent week of learning. They have been put through their paces both on and off the field and it is great to see them excelling in their development.

“There is plenty of excitement among the teams ahead of this weekend’s hit out against the Crusaders and Blues. It is expected both teams will experience tightly contested games allowing them the opportunity to implement what they have learnt this week,” said Currie.

Currie finished, “We wish both teams’ the best of luck and know they will proudly represent the Chiefs region.”

Team Messam:
1. Vincent Green (Hamilton Boys’ High School)
2. Bernie Hati (Rotorua Boys’ High School)
3. Hakaria Richards Coxhead (Hamilton Boys’ High School)
4. AJ Lagalaga (St Peter's School)
5. Hemopo Cunningham (Rotorua Boys’ High School)
6. Thomas Murray Edwards (New Plymouth Boys’ High School)
7. Stuart Leach (Rotorua Boys’ High School)
8. Viaolini Ekunasi (St Peter's School)
9. Manu Paea (Rotorua Boys’ High School)
10. Jack Parker (New Plymouth Boys’ High School)
11. Will Guthrie (New Plymouth Boys’ High School)
12. Jacob Kneepkens (Francis Douglas Memorial College)
13. Carlos Karaitiana (Rotorua Boys’ High School)
14. Guy Lansdown (Hamilton Boys’ High School)
15. Te Paea Cook Savage (St Paul's Collegiate)

16. Josh Bartlett (Tauranga Boys’ College)
17. Matthew Dobbyn (Hamilton Boys’ High School)
18. Kaharoa Mita (Tauranga Boys’ College)
19. Nikora Broughten
20. Veveni Lasaqa (Tauranga Boys’ College)
21. Noah Hotham (Hamilton Boys’ High School)
22. Tyron Hilton (Hamilton Boys’ High School)
23. Ceiza James (Rotorua Boy’s High School)
24. Thor Manase (Wesley College)

Team Clarke:
1. Haruto Takahashi (Rotorua BHS)
2. JJ Pokai (New Plymouth BHS)
3. Havila Molia (St Paul's Collegiate)
4. Kadyn Luke (Francis Douglas MC)
5. Junior Lemalu (Wesley College)
6. Ned Pene (Hamilton BHS)
7. Josh Hopkins (Francis Douglas MC)
8. Melino Fotu (Tauranga BC)
9. Ben Strang (St Paul's Collegiate)
10. Lucas Cashmore (Tauranga BC)
11. Te Hamara Gardiner Toi (Rotorua BHS)
12. Quinnlan Tupou (St Peters School)
13. Hausia Vea (St John's College)
14. Manu Akuaola (Rotorua BHS)
15. Tevita Ofa (Wesley College)

16. Mason Tupaea (Hamilton BHS)
17. Piri Kiwi (Hamilton BHS)
18. Mairenga Laapo (Francis Douglas MC)
19. Tuterangi Anderson (New Pymouth BHS)
20. Oliver Tooma (Taupo)
21. Winston Folau (Wesley College)
22. TBC
23. Te Aonui Muriwai (Hamilton BHS)
24. Niwa Barlow (New Plymouth BHS)
25. Jesse Te Kani (Wesley College)
26. Junta Humano (Rotorua BHS)

Match details:
Saturday 13th July 2019
Team Messam vs Crusaders U18 at Lansdowne Park, Blenheim 12.30pm
Team Clarke vs Blues U18 at St Paul’s Collegiate, Hamilton 12.30pm

University of Waikato Chiefs Under 18 Development teams named