April 15, 2020

What keeps Brad Weber on track in lockdown?

Lockdown is an opportunity to take time to look after your wellness and mental wellbeing.

Gallagher Chiefs and All Blacks halfback Brad Weber is keeping his wellness and mental wellbeing on track with a couple of self-discovery exercises. Weber has been using Chiefs Rugby Club official community charity partner The WaterBoy to assist him during lockdown.

The WaterBoy are a local organisation that provides opportunities for disadvantaged youth to participate in sport. They have created the Taku Wairua programme which is all about goal setting, self-discovery and belonging, all of which are important in creating stronger people and brighter futures. During lockdown Weber has been utilising the Self Discovery section of the Taku Wairua programme to assist with his wellbeing.

Weber said the programme provides the opportunity to learn about oneself and grow as an individual.

“The Self Discovery segment poses questions that you wouldn’t have normally thought about or discussed. This allows you to learn more about yourself and this can be a valuable tool for your mental wellbeing and self-discovery both in lockdown and once we return to normal.”

Click the links below to find out more about The Waterboy’s Taku Wairua programme.

View: https://www.takuwairua.co.nz/online-sessions
Email: [email protected]

The WaterBoy:
The WaterBoy works to break down barriers to give opportunities for disadvantaged youth to participate in sport. They believe that sport is an integral part of being a kiwi kid and growing up in New Zealand. The personal development and health benefits received from sport are second to none, and the WaterBoy organisation believe that every kiwi should have the opportunity to play sport.

The WaterBoy is about creating stronger people, not necessarily champions, so they focus their support on participation at a community level. But, with the help of professional athletes who strive to be champions, The WaterBoy can create stronger dreams, greater heroes, higher aspirations, and stronger communities through breaking down barriers and showing a pathway to participation and what's possible through sport.

What keeps Brad Weber on track in lockdown?